Welcome Summer Solstice

it means the earth's northern pole will be the closest it'll be this year to our star. the earth is tipping its head toward the sun and then will s l o w l y tip it back the other way. it'll take approximately three months for it to tilt back and then vice versa. at exactly 10.57 a.m. today, the earth will bump up against the invisible limit. for those of you (us) who believe we are energy and connected to all things, this exact moment will be a great one to take a time out, connect with nature, meditate, stand in tadasana or mountain pose towards the sun, pray or whatever you do to relax yourself and take a deep breath and inhale the magical moment, perhaps allowing the divine to amplify our dna, into becoming the interdimensional beings . . . we     are     meant      to      be*

photo: @interstellarviews

sent with love in mind


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