It's Good To Be Alive

Great morning and Happy Spring! Full Spring is upon us and it's been fun seeing nature come back from the dead. Spring official turned on the Equinox or the 20th of March. The equinox is when the heart of the sun shines directly on the equator, creating a perfect balance or "equal." Equinox is derived from the latin translation of equal. Nosotros estamos iguales. What we really think about when we hit spring, is the coming alive of green nature. The earth's northern hemisphere is closer to the sun now, so it begins to warm us up and we feel the rush through our bodies and nature feels it deep in its roots, shaking things up and making us wild out. Spring fever as its best. It's real, you're not imaging this amazing sensation, we all feel it, down to the dandelion in the front yard, which quickly bursts in excitement with a beautiful flower, telling us, it's time to wake up.

The long winter slumber is over, we can all go outside and play again. Just when I was getting used to being comfy on the couch watching netflix shows and in front of the fire reading books, it's time to switch it all up again. I'll need to start getting busy in my garden, prepping for my private flower show. I'm excited to see what this year will look like. Lowes becomes my second home right about now. One year I started flower seeds from scratch and it was fun but it did take a lot of work and time and you have to start around the end of January or beginning of February. This year, I wasn't thinking gardening at that time, so I missed the window. I'll have to do it the lazy way, buying toddler flowers and enjoy their growth. It's finally the right temperature outside to begin. If you start too early, the flower plants can die from the cold for example. I learned the lesson the hard way on that one; as per usual.

We hit 91 degrees last week and what a freak show that was. 91! It may as well have been 102 for the fact that the highs were hovering around an average of 60 degrees for at least three weeks before and before those three weeks it was winter. I went for dinner that night and walking around outside felt like I got onto a plane that morning and flew to another city, somewhere warm. It did not feel like New York at all. I know everyone else felt it too, because the energy in the streets was more intense than what a regular NYC night is like. People were extra loud, animated ... and inebriated. Anyway, we're back to the 60's, so it was all just a dream or rather a preview of what's coming next. That day told us to get ready, because this summer is gonna be HOT. We still have over a month before it comes in fully though. My rose of sharon's are just budding and they come in full day 1 of summer. We're in the middle of April and incidentally it's my birthday tomorrow and that of the Earth, we share it. 

I still get excited for my birthday because I like to plan a bunch of fun things (in my mind), if they actually come to fruition would be a miracle. One year I planned a huge party and a weekend full of activities and what did I end up doing? A long lunch. As an ex-event planner, planning is firmly fixed into my blood. I've been trying to shake it off all of these years since I stopped, because I got tired of it in the end; I became in constant "planning mode." Date saving, invite list, rsvp, food / drink, venue, etc. - it was exhausting. These days I prefer low key everything and would much rather follow someone else's lead. Having nothing planned and playing it by ear is heaven to me. That type of vibe doesn't always work with others though, so it's a tight rope I walk with family / friends, who for the most part plan way in advance. 

This year my birthday plans include getting my garden set up and relaxing at home. Here are the little things that have kept be perfectly entertained this Spring...

"that's enough" was his response
eye candy

magnolias just scream S P R I N G


going in, so excited

her abs!

all aboard
cn tower
yeah baby, i like it like that

toronto! i love this city

pure ice sculpture at the ice hotel, located in the mountains in north quebec

la traite, restaurantlatraite,ca, "foods from our mother earth"

la traite
l'affaire est ketchup, montreal
l'affaire est ketchup

this restaurant is a must add to your list when visiting montreal

Thanks for checking out my pics. I hope you have a great weekend where ever you are in the world and whatever is on your calendar, even if it's nothing.



birthday selfie, i don't mind getting older, it gives me a reason to be the home body i really am :O

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