Turkey Time

Great morning! It's like a Friday for me, as I'm off the rest of the week, woo! I'm ready for a laid-back lifestyle where I'm not bogged down with deadlines, emails, video calls and this and that every minute of the day. Don't get me wrong, I'm a worker bee, so if I'm not working or doing something productive, I can get a little bored. I can "do nothing" for a good day or so though. How about you? Do you like relaxing more or always being busy or perhaps a mix of both? That's a good balance. My mom is my queeen and she's always busy fixing something, painting somewhere, cleaning, planting, ectetera, she doesn't really relax at all now that I think of it, unless she's sick. I sometimes wonder if her insides are made up of wires and electricity, it's an impressive thing to witness. I get that machine mode from my momma, when it hits, it's on like there's no tomorrow.

Thanksgiving is here. Is it just me or did retailers push it out of the way and start Christmas too early? It almost feels like Christmas is this week. I don't watch regular television, so I'm not sure what's happening with commercials. In the stores, it's all Christmas. They're not going to get me though, I'm not putting up any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. Let us enjoy each holiday for fk sake. I'm sort of looking forward to the post-Thanksgiving sales, they can be pretty good. The crowds are no fun though and how they act like animals when they've been tossed a giant piece of meat. This is where online shopping comes in and is incredibly convenient to type in exactly what you're looking for in the search bar and then, tap, tap, tap, it's at your front door the next day, fabulous!

There's a lot of history to Thanksgiving we don't talk about and I get it, it's grim. Not only did the Indians and Pilgrims sit together and enjoy a meal, there was an immense amount of bloodshed before hand. Some may want to pretend it didn't happen and just focus on the holiday aspect of it with the family. That is fine too, but at the same time we should at least be aware of the whole story. They didn't go through all that for us to have what we have today, they did it out of greed. We have a lot to be thankful for, we can give thanks we're not living in Ukraine or Iran or Syria, where blood is being shed out of more greed and power. Then again we have plenty of it on our lands too, mass shootings happening what feel like every other week, one happening again yesterday at a Walmart in Virginia, smh.

For those of us fortunate enough to have a nice Thanksgiving planned, we can give thanks we're alive and well to share it with loved ones, as there are people who are freezing and starving right now who would give anything to have that. This is the reality of the world we live in and so I'm going outside of my privileged bubble to recognize it and if you're still reading this post and didn't click out as soon as it got deeper and real, you have as well and I applaud you, thank you.

Now that the elephant has been addressed, let us move on and focus our energy on celebrating one of the biggest holidays in the United States. With love and warmest wishes for a day FULL of HAPPINESS, LOVE, GOOD FOOD, GOOD VIBES and PEACE . . . HAPPY, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, however you choose to spend it!




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