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Good morning on this foggy, grey, raining pre-Halloween week. As the days get shorter, the wind turns cooler and soon it'll be dark by four, eek! Summer is long gone now; however, I still have remnants of it saying hi to me everyday, as I can't bear to pull the annuals out of their pots, they're still blooming for god's sake. It does make it hard to "let go," when it's right in your face. Nature teaches us that it's okay to detach. I think I did a good job of "summer" this year. I went outside as much as possible and did "summery" things every chance I could. With that, I can live peacefully in this new season. Besides, Halloween is my favorite holiday, making Fall or Autumn, however you call it, much more interesting. 

When it feels like like Fall outside, it's the best weather known to mankind. All of this rain we're getting these past few weeks is completely out of character -- global warming at its finest. It's down right sickening actually, rain in October, how ridiculous, it's supposed to be crisp, cool and dry as a bone - not muggy, wet and rainy. I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole this morning, I want to stay in good spirits. Looking at the earth from the point of view of an alien or an astronaut (because I know this is something you're always doing): the sun is shining just about above the equator, making for equal amounts of light and dark in one day and from what I can tell, the perfect combo of cool and warm air, creating the most perfect day.

For the last nine and a half months, our planet has been spinning around on its axis while traveling around the sun; in constant motion. To top it all off, while our earth is on that journey, our whole galaxy is also moving forward through the cosmos. We're on a giant spaceship, void of technology, moving naturally. We need to take better care of our "ship," it's painful to see it burn. If you feel the same way, plant a tree somewhere, perhaps in your yard. Call me a hippie, tree-hugger whatever you want (hugging a tree though...it can ground you to its roots and transfer energy that can help ease anxiety or depression), our earth is our home and we need to protect it. Click here to learn how we can do our part. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, we're currently hyggeing or hygge (pronounced huu-gah). It's a Danish term for the act of creating and seeking out comfort or making their environment as super cozy as possible. I must have Danish ancestry in my genealogy, as this seems very natural to me. We're talking cozy socks, lavender smells, fires, candles, books, movies, blankets, big baggy sweaters, warm food, red wine and last but not least... naps! If this sounds like you, hit me up, on second thought don't bother, I'll probably be asleep and won't answer, ha ha hee hee. Then on the outside we have: bright, multi-colored leaves on all the trees, pumpkin patches, fun outfit choices such as flip flops with jackets and scarfs with summer dresses and then the actual act of fall, when the leaves silently and peacefully do just that. Last, but certainly not least, the anticipation of . . . HALLOWEEN. 

Here are a few more of my fave Fall moments...

The views were amazing, I'm still buzzing from getting so lucky. 
63rd floor @saga_nyc

Bye for now and lots of happiness, peace and good vibes to you


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