Great morning! It's Saturday and the huge rain storm outside that began yesterday and isn't stopping until tomorrow night, is not going to kill my mood. Spring came in like a lion and has stayed like a sloth. Temps have hovered around 55 to 65 since the first day. We've had a few summer previews, but they were far and few in between. April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes! We're going to need to pivot, and adjust that saying to account for global warming. It's been raining all winter. Winter rain in New York would have been unheard of fifteen years ago - just unheard of! It should have been pure, white, fluffy snow. We did get some proper snow dumps, but nothing compared to how it used to be. I don't like to be a debbie downer, but I'm also not going to shy away from facts and the real world. If global warming brings you down, the least we can do is take care to reduce our environmental footprint. Click here for easy ways to do so in your daily life. We need to protect Mother Earth!

In fact, Earth Day was last week, April 22nd... it was also my birthday. I get the pleasure of sharing my day with our earth every year. I celebrated by planting flowers, weeding, raking and opening up my garden. When I'm in my garden, my world is in perfect alignment. Do you garden? If so, what's your favorite thing to do while you're there? I've done a lot of planting over the years and now I get to see the fruits of my labor, or the rather the blossoms. I forgot I had planted a bush last year that blooms in the spring and it pleasantly surprised me last month with beautiful purple flowers. I love going for runs and seeing the different landscapes and how people choose to showcase their outside. Some do such amazing work and I get blown away by the beauty and almost lose my balance. I get my love of gardening from my mom, she's always been into it. I've basically turned into my mom. It's all good, because in my book, she's the coolest woman on the planet. Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mommy, to yours, to YOU perhaps and to the moms in the spiritual realm.

Here are some more of my favorite Spring moments so far...

zbaby love. he hated them and couldn't wait to take them off 

hola mi amigos, como estan? espero que todo esta bien en su vida y que estan disfrutando todo que es beuno y alegre. aqui estoy antes de comer en jojo. mi amiga maria tomo este photo y me encanto. con mucho amor y besos para un bien dia y fin de semana. -favi

birthday lady. getting older...and wiser and more relaxed and happier and not giving a fk.
my handsome angel sent to me from the heavens...to destroy my life. hehehehehe just playing. this child has brought me so much joy, happiness, laughter and has taught me the true, pure meaning of love in its rawest form.
oh and he sent me this lovely photograph he took of me. what an angel.
still thinking of philly and how much i enjoyed it
exactly where i want to be and what i want to be doing
it was a lovely day
***one day out of the womb. welcome baby max and congrats mama fadela ***

Thanks for checking out my pics. I hope everyone has their own...:
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