Some talk to themselves out loud and some do silently, but we all talk to ourselves. Those who talk to themselves silently, may not even hear themselves or subconsciously block themselves out. We can't stop it though, because it's what guides us through life, makes our decisions, tells our bodies what to do and our minds what to say. It's probably a good thing, to be as tuned in to this inner voice as we possibly can, as they're running our lives. 

Our mental health is very important and I'm glad to see it's becoming more and more acceptable to talk about. According to Psychology Today, seventeen million adults had a major depressive episode in 2017 and thirteen million teens. It's a thing. There's no more being ashamed of it, it's out in the open, those who are part of the millions are clearly not alone. The world understands now and the good people are empathetic to these kinds of illnesses. What's great is that with illness, there are doctors, therapists and medicine to help. Anyone not having compassion is a horrible person.

Not only are there doctors etcetera who want to help, our inner voice or our higher self does as well. Our higher self is who we wanna be. They're the ones who make us feel bad when we silently judge someone, check us when we say something stupid or when we make a bad decision. They're the ones who want us to eat healthy, work out and be a good human. Our lower selves are like a dull knife, it can do the job, but barely. They're not listening and can think the worst, such as: I can't do this, I can't do that, I'm not good enough, I'm not able. Our lower selves haven't tapped in to our royal highers...yet.

Have you met your royal? If not, you'll find her / him after a good run or a work out, in the middle of a meditation or yoga session, when you're making / eating a healthy meal, after you've cleaned your living space or when you're making someone else happy. Our lower and higher work in tandem. If you're in a conflict, your lower may lash out and your higher will quickly tell you that was wrong and to apologize. The higher will also tell you not to stress over it, as we all make mistakes. If you lash out at someone in sync with their higher, that person will likely have compassion and try to understand why you did it. Perhaps you were having a bad day, are going to through things or maybe you're just an asshole and you need to dig deep into your soul.

I've found my higher and she likes to talk to me about drinking, among other things. Good ole' alcohol. I do love wine and quite frankly I have no interest to stop loving it or drinking it. I'm a professional, for real, I used to market it and sell it, lol. My relationship with alcohol in general is a slippery slope, as I'm unfortunate enough to be a light weight; therefore, I need to be mindful when I'm drinking. Working in the industry taught me how to drink responsibly, thank you industry, all the "drink responsible" messages you drilled in my brain somehow worked. I've learned that two, nice-sized pours of red are a good stopping point. If I'm on a full stomach, I could squeeze in a third. Drinking a whole bottle of wine will put me at the drunk mark.

Come time to open a beautiful bottle of red, preferably a Bordeaux these days, I get the usual excited feeling, coupled with a little dance and endorphins begin their speedy journey to the front of my brain. I'm a free bird to enjoy two nice pours, without any bother from my higher self. Once I reach my stopping point and consider a third, is right about the time my higher begins to what seems like, scream at me these days. "Girrrl, you know you can't do that, two is your stopping point!!!" As my senses are on low alert and a little dull at that point, I can't hear her too well, even though she's screaming, I only hear: "wah wah wah wah wah wah." 

She fierce though and comes at me again, "Are you listening to me??? Seriously, you're done, get some water, hit your pipe, whatever, no more wine, it's a wrap." I finally hear her and start talking back, in silence: "But I had a huge dinner and yeah I'm buzzed but I'm good for another." The queen silently ponders. My lower is also quiet, waiting to hear what she'll say. My lower and higher sync up and asses the situation...As they look around the table, to their surprise, they realize, I'm the most sober of the group. My higher: "Oh, nice job, you've been very well behaved tonight, but you still have to close it out, GO HOME!" My lower: "What? I'm the most sober here, I'm getting another." Higher: "I wouldn't do that, you're gonna regret it in the morning." Lower: "Goddammit she's right!" [Sigh] Me: "Can I just have a water please?" 

So yes, I'm very much in tune with my higher, she keeps me in check, knows what's best for me, keeps me from drinking too much, over reacting, being a screaming mom, eating unhealthy, etc. etc. I want to be her, twenty-four seven. Being her all the time is difficult, as we're human and always making mistakes. All we can do, is do the best we can and keep listening and striving to be better.




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