Wise Woman

Name: Christine Gee

Sign: Gemini / Cancer / Sagittarius

Birth: Queens, NYC

Currently residing: Tuckahoe, NY -- suburbs of New York City 

Socials: youtube Vibing with Christine & insta @vibing.w.christine

You're in the stages of obtaining your yoga certificate, why did you start this journey, how has it been and what are the plans for when you have it in hand?

I was intuitively pointed in the direction of yoga, the meditation aspect of sitting in stillness and listening, and the physical parts of it, as well as the actual asana yoga poses drew me in. For the first time in a long time, there was something I looked forward to doing in the morning. During the pandemic, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pursue something further that has changed my life for the better. With my certification in hand, I hope to help others along their journey to wellness, physically and spiritually.

I love your Youtube channel. I have to say, the screen doesn't capture your inner light that radiates bright around you in person, but the way you communicate and the message you have is the real, genuine you, as in not an act or performance; what made you start this channel?

Slowly through my meditation sessions, I would get thoughts and ideas or as some people call them "intuitive downloads" and I’d wake up with the strong urge to share what I had experienced. Long story short, the birth of "Vibing w Christine."


We talked about our individual meditation sessions and I shared with you how my soul came up and out of body and I also shared how powerful of an experience it was for me; to my complete surprise, you shared a similar story. Please share.

This happened to me during my first guided mediation, I felt my spirit step out of my body, while I was gazing out of my window. I looked back and saw myself seated in a meditative pose. After that point, my consciousness was able to explore infinite possibilities. It blew my mind to know that my soul, the greatest version of myself, was (is) calling me in a certain direction. This is something I couldn’t imagine for myself prior to that moment.


Something that stuck with me was when you were confident enough to get vulnerable and shared your secret of what helps you get what you want, how you write it down, think on it, HARD, feel it to your core and will it to the end with tears streaming down your face. This is powerful and majestic - how did this come to you? 

Your questions are wonderful, but with all of them, it wasn’t just one "aha" moment, I go forth seeking answers and turning stones over one at a time. I read the book “The Secret” at a young age and wanted to learn more about The Law of Attraction. Throughout the years I have found that we are energetic beings and so are our emotions.  Energy=E in Motion; Thoughts are powerful!!! Writing is powerful, affirmations are powerful!!  What we think, we attract. If I place my intentions of attaining something, first I visualize it, then I write it down, as if I have already received it (like the alchemist who changes lead to gold), after that I begin to explore how I would feel to obtain my desire, while being grateful for having received it.

The current alignment of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn out in the universe are intensifying the energies of each other, the mental image alone brings forth a sense of peace and wonder, all the planets aren't set to align until the year 2854 and by then we'll probably have intergalactic travel and living on and off spaceships, can you imagine?

I think all futures are possible and have infinite potential… Maybe one day! I won’t be around for that, I instead choose to focus on my current reality on the present moment. I feel that history and learning from the ancient wisdom and texts are more my vibe than thoughts of the future.


Do you believe in magic? 

Oh very much so, Not the way it's portrayed in the movies though. I believe there Is magic in a heartbeat, sunsets, music, literature and life. We are all magicians who can create a life of our dreams.

Do you believe in God? 

Without a doubt, I believe in a higher power: God, source, u=Universe, The Most high, The Creator, Gaia, Earth, all the gods and goddess are all just a form of devotion birthed out of self love and virtuosity. Knowing that everything is within and without you. Having faith and surrender are a big part of my life.

"Knowing that everything is within and without you."


What do you think happens to humans after we die?  

I wish I knew for sure, Short version: Re-incarnation. Longer version: I believe our souls will repeat their cycles until we figure out how to fulfill our purpose and break generational cycles.


I'd like to walk among the spirits and angels while I'm living, do you think this is possible and have you ever thought about this or had any experiences like this? 

Yes, I believe that we all have a guide watching over us, it is up to us if we choose to ask for their guidance. They do communicate with us, through, dreams, music and numbers, but we have to ask, in order to receive messages.

"...we have to ask, in order to receive messages."


What do you say to people who believe this is all a bunch of nonsense?

I practice non-judgment; some people are not ready to receive this information and I totally get it. Their thoughts and opinions have nothing to do with me. If anything, I change the subject.


If your closest friends could describe you, what do you think they would say, or what would you hope they would say?

Hahahaa, that they love me and I am amazing!!! I am a very loyal person, funny, kind, truthful, loving, intelligent, witty, charismatic…hahhhaa moody and emo. I’d hope they’d say good things! I select my friends carefully and invest and nurture my relationships. As much as I am an extrovert is as much as I am an introvert. I don’t allow everyone into my inner world and I think they know that about me, I’m selective and a keeper.

Coffee or tea? 

Coffee hands down, black, pure and satisfying.


Favorite non-alch beverage besides coffee/tea? 

Water, that is all I drink all day long. Stay Hydrated!


Favorite alch beverage if any? 

A full body glass of red wine.


THC or CBD? 

Welp…..I've never tried CBD, THC all the way.


Are you a reader? If so, what are you currently reading? 

I love reading, I am always reading something. I am currently reading “The Heart of Yoga, Developing a Personal Practice,” by T.K.V Desikachar.

How would you describe your personal fashion style? 
Feminine, comfortable, with a hint of sexy.


What are two pieces of advice you hope your daughters will remember when they grow up?

1) Don’t take shit from anyone, stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

2) Be the light you wish to see in the world.


We connected right away on so many levels, thank you for allowing this interview, as the final question, what do you think it means to be an enlightened being? 

An enlightened being to me is someone who meditates and is able to directly communicate with the divine. It is in that bright light state, where the enlightenment begins. Other than that, being a good person, leaving people better than you found them, practicing having good virtues and non-harming. Spreading love and not hate. These and more should be practiced.

Anything else you'd like to share? 
I think the key to a good life and manifestation starts with you, your mindset, what you watch, read, eat. The company you keep, what you allow and don’t allow, what you practice in your everyday life. These Build your character. Make sure you are choosing your life and your life is not choosing you. 

Thank you so much gorgeous (inside and out) Christine, it's been a pleasure. I hope my readers enjoyed this special treat. If you loved this interview, this doesn't have to be the last you see / hear of Christine, you can stalk her socials and subscribe to her youtube channel and soak up her wisdom. 

I'm all about spreading the vibes of positive people on a mission to become better humans and who share their secrets with others on how to do so*

Lastly, and I know I can speak for Christine as well, sending love and protection to the people in Ukraine. 

Peace please, love, strength, self-compassion, hugs and warm energy for you today, tomorrow and always.



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