Feeling Friday

Great morning on this SPRING Friday! Winter is officially over, even though it's still chilly willy out there right now. For us here in the Northeast, the start of spring doesn't mean the cold has departed, it just means, it's not freezing anymore. Bring a Floridian up here and they may argue that. Us, well, we're wearing shorts, light sweaters, flip flops and getting all comfortable and then we're hit with a blast of cold air and we're screwed, all thinking it was time to let loose. This happened to my friend Fadela and I this past weekend in Brooklyn and the baby inside of her may have felt it too. If the mom felt it, then maybe baby Maxwell did too. He probably only felt it a little bit though, as he's super cozy and wrapped up in his mama's warm belly, protected by her thick skin. 

New Yorkers are starting to travel again, a little. We're still very careful with covid, but the indoor mask mandate has been lifted and we're free again! New Yorkers are tough, if you walked around without a mask when it was mandated up here, you would get yelled at or get very hairy eyeballs staring you down. I still haven't got covid - KNOCK ON WOOD - I know there's a new variant out now and it's thirty times more contagious than the last one, so I'm guessing I'm going to get it. I'm triple vaxxed and I read that when you are, the risk of hospitalization and death is extremely low. I don't want to get hospitalized or die, but I also don't want to get sick! My sister Carol and her husband Nick got it and they were miserable. They had it for a long time and that's what I'm trying to avoid. KNOCK ON WOOD. 

Traveling is fun. Is there anyone out there who doesn't like it? I'm sure it's on top of the list of things to do for the majority of people. If you like to travel, yet don't like to fly in airplanes, then this becomes a difficult situation. I'm thinking of my mom in this scenario, she does not like to fly one bit. She even turned down a trip to Europe before because of it. We were on the way to the airport and her fear of flying took over and she decided she wasn't going. On the way to the airport! She didn't go. That was a long time ago when we were kids, I still remember it, because it was so unbelievable at the time. Us kids didn't go either, it was supposed to be a romantic trip for my mom and dad. My dad still went. Ha. He had plans he was not going to miss, the World Cup! I found pictures of his trip and it looks like he had a great time. LOL. Mom doesn't give a fk. She's my hero.

Thankfully my mom's fear of flying didn't transfer to me. I have even "jumped" out of an airplane. Not that I was trying to prove anything, it just looked like something fun to do. Saying I "jumped" is an incorrect statement however, as anyone who has been sky diving knows very well you don't literally "jump." It's more of a casual, slow fall. I can remember every single minute of it to this day, as it was so profound of an experience. I wish I could go again. I still would, as I just don't have that fear of heights. I do have a strong phobia of something, so I get it though, 100%, but up in the air is just not a problem for me. I'm not going to write what my phobia is because if I do, I'm sure to have nightmares about it, it's that intense. In fact, I need to change the subject...NOW.

Train travel is my favorite method of transportation for many reasons: it reminds me of how people would travel in the old days, there is no airport shenanigans to have to deal with, it's like driving but it's not, because you can read, sleep, work and listen to music ect. If I ever have an option of traveling by train to get somewhere, I'll look into that first. For travel around the northeast it's the best, if the travel is farther than that, it would depend on the amount of time I have available. Which "extra" time is something I have little of and most people for that matter. Busy, busy bees, that's what we are. If you are not retired, from working all of your life and you're not busy, what are you doing? I don't even know a life of not being busy anymore, so I'm asking in all sincerity and would like to know what a life of leisure is like. 

I got away to Philly recently via train. The name means the City of Brotherly Love, which is said by the people with more with sarcasm than with "love," because of its hostility. It's the sixth most populous city in the U.S., with a population of 1.6 million. It wasn't my first time there, but it has been a while since I'd been -- covid, life, etc. -- and the city has gotten even bigger since I was there last. There is plenty to see and do. A good number of the historic sites are open again. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Betsy Ross house to name a few, they're always impressive to see in person. If you like history, you would love Old City. Besides the history part of it, there are a lot of great restaurants, boutique store shopping if you like that sort of thing too, I happen to love it so it was great. I also love people watching, coffee shop hopping etc. etc. Here are few of my pics...

off we go
my view heading out of new york from my seat, isn't ny so pretty!?
being in a different city is so fun
the view from my room, i got so lucky
hi :>
hey center city philly
i'm always looking up, checking out the moon in its different phases and soaking up its vibes
i tried to capture both of the cool buildings to the left and the right of the building in the middle, lol
the witching hour in philly
keeping an eye out
brotherly love
winter lights make everything okay
#stopbeingracist..if you are
guiding light
pa academy of fine arts
it was lovely walking through this
octavius valentine catto (1839-1871). born free from a born free woman and ex-slave. he went to university and graduated as valedictorian and went on to become a scholar, athlete and military officer in the national guard in the civil war. his story gets WAY more interesting and if you'd like, you can read it by clicking here.
this couple were so in love, after i snuck this pic, they held each other in a long embrace and began to kiss, so sweet 

Thanks for checking out my pics. I hope you have a wonderful, productive and successful day ahead. 

Lastly, sending love and protection to the people in Ukraine. I'm inspired by their strength and resilience. It's all so much to bear, especially from so far away. If you feel this way too, donating to the Red Cross or other humanitarian efforts such as BStrong, is the least we can do. When I donated, I know I felt a little sense of release from the guilt of watching pregnant women die, children being killed, people starving and millions being displaced from their homes from the comfort of my couch, with hot tea, a warm blanket and peaceful environment, as if it's a show.



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