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Good morning on this quiet Saturday here where I'm at. I'm the only one awake at the moment and it's 5:56 a.m. The sun will be making its appearance anytime now. The moon is waning hard, so we'll only see a sliver of it today in the sky. By the way, and if you have an interest in this kind of thing, when the moon is waning, it's a good time to deep think about things you want to vanish from your life, to coincide with the vanishing of the moon, come the new moon. During a new moon, the sun is not shining on it out in the universe, so we don't see it. This lasts for a few days, so you have a few days to muddle over what you want to get rid of. I wouldn't waste too much time on this though, just do your deep think and move on. You're much better spending your time in a neutral state, meditative, erasing all thoughts and just being one with nature. I know, easier said than done; but as they say, practice makes perfect.

I've been recovering this past week, as last week for Thanksgiving I went to Florida to visit with my family and friends and for the first time since covid. I have much to be grateful / thankful for. It was also the first time on a plane since covid and I felt a ping of anxiety at the airport. I've been extra careful during covid and not wanting to get it for obvious reasons: not wanting to die and not wanting to deal with the long term effects. Happy to report my hold didn't get it. I read the best thing on twitter the other day. Someone wrote: "I'd die for my country" and another responded: "You won't even take a shot for your neighbor." At this point, I don't really care if people don't want to get vaccinated, it will prolong the virus though, because it has hosts to latch onto. I got my booster before heading down, so I had my suit of armor on. Omicron is here now and we'll probably see more and more strains come out until it's eradicated all together. Who knows when that'll be! 

My trip was non-stop. Every time I go to Florida I always say I want this trip to be more low-key, because I always end up going from here to there and end up wiped out. As much as I tried to have lower key trip, I was booked out from the moment I landed to the moment I took off again. I'm grateful to have a full life of loving family and friends and thankful I got to see them, hug them and spend time with them. I had a blast! I'm not great at remembering to take pictures, so my pics are half stories / with half the people. The rest...is time stamped into my long term memory life book, as I, like everyone else, am the protagonist in the story of my life:

this was taken by my mom, her phone is messed up and she can't see well without her glasses, so hence a blurry thanksgiving "do you like my table" pic. this was so fun to do btw, i added an extender and had to bring in the kitchen chairs to make room for everyone coming. i love this kind of stuff. and no, those are not hats, those are supposed to be flowers, one of our dinner guests made fun of me the whole dinner for it. all good, i thought it was funny too!
my dad and my nephew jordan. jordan is working on his masters right now and recently got his undergrad from USF, my alma mater, i'm so proud of him!! my nephew is so handsome and wonderful, he's just a dream to me.
my hearts. from this point onward the rest of the night was our thanksgiving dinner and we capped the night off dancing salsa and getting weird with some early 90's hits, thanks to Jay, my sister's boyfriend. "when i hear music it makes me dance, you got the music, here's my chance" la la la! 
my great friend lisa from way back at USF, we're still kickin' it with our friendship #friendsforever
it was her birthday, i got so lucky. we're at whiskey joe's, a laid back casual place on the water. my friend cindy is also with us but you can't see her in this pic. we ate this entire dessert, oops, it was sooo good (i ran an extra lap around the lake for it so i paid the price dearly)
my mama and my auntie martha. my aunt is basically my second mom. #sisters
from left to right: me, alec, jada, jill, caitlynn, raquel, jessi, kristy = family
my hearts and me trying not to slouch on these tall chairs
me and my beautiful mama
a new yorker in florida
my hearts and a thread
jenn! and her table.
david's turkey. david is pretty much a gourmet chef, the secret to a good turkey he says is to "flip it." cook it hard on the other side of the image shown above, so all the juices flow to the meat and once that's good and ready, flip it for about ten minutes to get it nice and crispy on the other side. the gravy he served was also insane and i ended up eating three plates that night. oink! again, paid the piper pounding pavement. 
david in his wheelhouse
and vuala, not only was this food ridiculous good, but i love these two humans to death!
next morning with this sweetest pup. there are three doggies in total and each with their own unique personalities. 
breakfast! so fancy. i haven't had caviar in i don't know how long and there it was. david and jenn eat it like french fries and apparently the latest with the caviar eating set, is to eat it with lays chips vs. blinis. it worked, the flavor combination of the salty chip, the creme fraiche and capers is out of this world. there was also smoked salmon, which david smoked himself and all the accompaniments to go with it. yes that's a bong...get over it. 
about to experience what heaven must be like
morning after. i wish we would have taken pics of ourselves when our makeup was all done and fresh and all our accessories were on and maybe even shots of our whole outfits looking all cute, but nah, it didn't happen. we were too busy conversing, eating, drinking and catching up and then sitting by the pool in front of the fire pit and being immersed with all the elements watching the stars, talking about astrology, the moon and our lives and thinking of taking pictures didn't even come into the "picture." so all i have are these hungover pics of us. ha. #kindredspirits 
two peas in a pod for many, many, moons
with my beautiful sister at her house for the bucs game. finally got to see one and in tampa to boot. we don't get the buc's games in new york, because they only show new york football games here. when i say tampa you say... BAY... TAMPA... BAY! there was a lot of that this day, as the bucs won!
new place, new poses
and we're back
they're re-doing LGA airport fyi and it's about time! it's old and ugly and dirty and not user-friendly at all. some of the terminals are done and the one we flew into was complete and is so nice! according to the signs, all of the terminals will enter the year 2021 soon. this i love ny wall is new too.

Thanks for checking out my pics. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We have two more huge holiday celebrations coming up! On my side, wine is stocked up, plenty of wood is cut and I'm ready...let's go!

sending lots of love, good vibes and warm, positive energy your way~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XX ~Fab

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