Helloooo Halloweeeeeeeen Heheheheeeee

Hello my pretties! My favorite time of the year is finally upon us, ehehehehehehe. It's a time I can finally let my hair down and be myself - and no one seems bothered by it. ehehehehehe. My transformation is slowly beginning. I can already see the green forming on my cheeks, ehehehehe. Not only do people not seem to care by my outing; this time of year, they seem to love me. I see all kinds of fan art of myself and my sisters in front of their kingdoms. ehehehehehe. I always find this gesture so lovely, to think of my kind so thoughtfully. It does make me wonder, my frightful friends, why then, the rest of the year, when I try to be myself, do people look at me as though there's something wrong with me? ehehehehehe. I'm praised during the month of the October and the rest of the months, I have to live as an outcast, in hiding. ehehehehe. Well I get the last laugh, as it's October again and YOU ALL LOVE ME! eheheheheheheheheeeee.

Since I'm able to be the true essence of my being this month, ehehehehehe, I will let you in on some of the secrets I keep hidden away, the rest of the year. Last night for instance, I cast a circle with salt and I positioned candles pointing to the four corners of the earth: N / S / E / W. ehhehehehehe. I then mindfully stepped into the circle, carefully sealed it with a spell I summoned and positioned myself to the North. hehehehe. Once one is in the circle, there's no coming out, until the task is complete, unless you want to destroy the entire thing. hehehehehehe. I wore my regular regalia of a long, comfortable, black robe and sat down in front of my alter. hehehe. I lit candles to elicit my symbols for the "God" and "Goddess" (for me, the sun and moon) and made up my own spell to conjure up money, hehehehehe. Who doesn't want more money? Even my kind do, hehehehehe. 

To begin, I aligned with my body and the earth and began to chant building up the power. Once the power was fully charged, I released it by saying my new spell loudly, with the intention of all of the spirits of my ancestors listening, hehehehehehe. I said it multiple times, even with my eyes closed and arms raised, to let it really settle in; as that's where the majick happens, ehehehehehe. 

wise goddess and god of the ages

bring a gold light around me for protection and a blue light around me for healing

fill this bowl sprinkled with nutmeg with the riches i so desire

these riches are not to further my pot of gold, but to bring security for all matters from the heart  

by knot of one, the spell's begun, by knot of two it cometh true, by knot of three, so mote it be

But of course it was dark outside, my kinspeople, hehehehee and I had moon water at the ready to bless myself and my alter. What is moon water you dare ask!?? eheehehehehe. It's water my people have been leaving outside on full moons to charge. This my lovelies, has been happening since the beginning of time! hehehehehe. You mere mortals are welcome to use that if you like. hehehehehe. I further blessed my spell and alter by walking around the circle with incense, arousing the element of air and further increasing the chances of success, hehehehehe. Once complete, I thoughtfully opened the circle and thanked the God and Goddess for their energy. ehehehehe. Will the spell work? But of course it will deary! NEVER DOUBT.

Now, while I would love to continue to entertain you with these witchy things, I must go now and find some smaller humans. I have a lovely stew brewing with the most medicinal of herbs, such as: tansy, pilewort and coltsfoot and tasty vegetables filling my cottage with the most delightful of smells, all that is missing is some meat, ehehehehehe. I'm going to have a hard time today, as I do for the most part of the year, but come October 31st . . .  

t h e   c h i l d r e n   W I L L   C O M E   T O   M E   I N   D R O V E S !


Blessed Be my pretties!




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