Fab Summer

summer back in full effect
love me a nice table setting, from my event days, i like things just so
i make rainbows
happy pride month lgBtq+ community!
these babies have since passed on, their life was short lived. i'm not sure if it was my fault yet or if that's just their bloom time, i still have to figure this out
my angel
took a while to finally see these guys
crazy good, although i'm trying to cut back on meat in general, but who can deny a juicy steak?
an angel trying to communicate with me, do you see it? it's clear as day.
thee singapore sling
flower mother

summer is such a fun season, i love being outside all weekend

really enjoyed making this ropa vieja from scratch, this was back in early june, when we still had some chilly days! it's been 97 degrees here in new york the past three days, i know i can't complain as the west coast has had it much worse. the crazy thing is the forecast is calling for a high of 64 degrees here in new york on saturday (freak show)
baby daddy
the more the merrier
L to the O to the R to the E to the N to the Z to the O... LORENZO in the house!
these guys are so delicate, you water them wrong as in too much or too little and they frown at you until you get it right.
mama time, so many goodies
i like to rub my herbs on the way back inside and let the smell linger on my hands all day
the three f's back together again: franziska, fabiola and fadela
a.k.a. ziska, fabi and fad :()

wishing you nothing but happiness and that you're able to let negativity just come and go, there's never not going to be negativity, that's life, but we don't have to live in it!

with lots of love, fabi



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