Fab Summer Pics 2021


so lovely to watch these come and go, their thorns are a killer though when dead heading
this group always grows together, never just one

wine view
the joy of gardening; something is attacking my pretty white roses and i need to figure out what it is
this is a semi-new restaurant in the east village, it opened just before covid and somehow managed to survive, happy to patron restaurants after covid to support the businesses in their comebacks
this is the bar inside cathedral, it doesn't look much like a church environment to me
the dining area looked slightly more like a "cathedral" but not really, you can see the blue curtains there and it has high ceilings, in true tao group form, it's flashy, a bit obnoxious and over the top. young crowd, early to mid-twenties, generation z, they were all there, making for good people / fashion watching.
here's the typical new york restaurant menu fashion, with everything over-priced. we've come to expect it for the past twenty years so no surprise here, the real surprise will be the presentation and the taste.
vanessa and her martinis, i've re-named her vanessa martini
our wine choice, not too bad on price overall, average, we didn't feel too ripped off 
the steak tartare, $19, seemed reasonable at the time but looking at the picture now and seeing how small it is, it seems crazy we're okay with that. you don't see steak tartare on the menu much anymore anywhere, it seems very early aughts, it is a french menu though. it was ok, it wasn't super delicious, it could have used more seasoning for more of a bite.
this dish wasn't on the actual menu, it was a special with oysters, crab and shrimp, three of my favorite shellfish, if it had lobster it would have been perfect. it's really hard to screw up shellfish, i mean i guess it's possible, but they did it really well. shellfish is my absolutely favorite food in the world. that's an ipa i'm drinking, i can't hang with vanessa martini.
this is the "atlantic halibut" with cerignola olives, fino verde basil, heirloom tomato vinaigrette, $45. again rip off, but very normal for new york and probably in many restaurants across the country. by the time this came we were so full from our food and drinks that we ate it reluctantly, it was good though, i liked it and the presentation was interesting.

back at home, how pretty is this soft beauty?
fun, tiki all day
there are some pretty crafty spiders that live in my bushes, i found these very early in the morning around 5:45 am, i found charlotte but she quickly ran away from me before i had a chance to snap her picture
this is an asian inspired grilled, citrus pork dish with fish sauce, cilantro, lime, oranges and some other secret ingredients. ridiculous good.
an old rose, i'll probably only be seeing her for the next day or two before a new ones pops up in her place
relaxing angel

so fun to come home to

Thanks for checking out my summer pictures. We're here in the last week of July and then it'll be August, moving into the second half of summer. I don't even want to think about fall right now, I've just settled into summer and would like it to last forever. I always think that and then when nature forces us to change, I like that too and am okay with it. Change is good. For now, I'll enjoy what I have while I have it...




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