Powerful Positive Vibes, Can You Feel It?

Great morning on this beautiful Friday. This Sunday is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, or the first day of summer or our star's birthday and Father's Day! What a great day Father's have this year. Sunday will be the longest day of the year and the shortest night for that matter. Right now the forecast is calling for 85 degrees and perfectly sunny here in New York, very fitting. The exact moment of the solstice will be at 11:32 p.m. Good time to set an intention, say a prayer or do a spell, whatever your thing is, it will be "extra" powered by the solstice.  At that exact moment, the tilt of the earth will make the North Pole at its closest point to the sun all year, heating things up! 

The pandemic is finally coming to an end, THANK YOU to everyone who got vaccinated, it's because of you life is going back to normal and the virus is finding less people to infect and survive. The one thing that seems to linger from the virus is zoom meetings, they give me a headache after a while. Half of them I'm just doodling away, making the boring a little more bearable.

Speaking of, here's some doodle I took to the next level and created "doodle art," I was reveling in the intense energy coming at us right now..

According to Harvard Health, doodling relieves stress, improves focus and increases creativity. I'm down for all that. I have to admit, I felt very relaxed while making this, while it started out as a doodle on scrap paper, it inspired me to want to do more. I showed it to my son and his reaction: "eh."

It's Fridaaay and I've been feeling the powerful, positive vibes leading up to the solstice. I'm gonna roll with it and start the morning with some funky beats to get the weekend started, playing NOW. 


Space Motion at Novi Sad, Serbia for Cafe De Anatolia




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