Fab Flowers

Good morning on this gorgeous middle of the week Wednesday. It's starting to feel like summer. Yesterday was 80 degrees and full illumination from our life provider. I don't think we'll see many more cool days, we might, I remember a few Memorial Days where it was chilly. With the way the forecast looks, I don't think that'll be the case. Come June 1 we're in the clear and it'll be pure heat until the end of August. Summer is such a great time of year. I've been working non-stop in the garden this Spring, so I'm ready to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Speaking of, I'm in awe of my new DAHLIAS. I think they're my new favorite flower, although I change my mind on this all the time. Dahlias are native to Mexico and Central America, they just birth naturally in that part of the world, amazing. They're the official flower of Mexico, which my neighbor, Meredith, recently informed me of, as that is the name she chose for her youngest daughter. 

flowers make everything okay
cooking up something special
hiii, do you see me?
so soft, a natural mood lifter

Thanks for checking out pics of the newest additions to my family. I'm even more in love with my garden than I've ever been. So excited for summer, enough of the cold winds already, it's time to come out of hibernation and start a new life style. 

~~~~~~~Sending love and positive energy your way~~~~~~~



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