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I should say "books I've read" rather than "I like," as I'm not going to recommend something if I didn't love it. There is a book here like that and it pains me to say anything negative about anyone's writing, because they're trying and they put it out there. But hey, this is the real world and that's how it goes. Besides, to quote Halston, "reviews don't matter." Yup, I watched it too. Dang that guy could snort some blow eh? 

The unofficial start of our star's birthday or better known as summer, is Memorial Day weekend and it's here! We've had some really warm and even hot days. The forecast for this weekend is showing rain all weekend, good times. So much for lounging outside in a bathing suit with a frozen pina colada and a good book. Need to pivot to plan B. Whatever your plans are for the weekend, it's a nice long one and perhaps you're looking for your next book? If so, maybe you'll find it below.

I'm sure you're busy and need to get on with your life, so let's get to it:

Where The Crawdad's Sing, by Delia Owens. Really lovely read. This book demands your attention right out the gate like a new lover and holds on to it tight like a stalker. I don't want to reveal too much and that's really hard to do because I'm writing a review. I will tell you it has to do with a dirty, unkept, parentless marsh girl. The marsh girl has never been to school, has no parents, no friends, no food and left to live in the wetlands. Her tale is remarkable. I couldn't wait to pick the book back up after each time I closed it to see what she was up to next.


My Dark Vanessa, by Kate Elizabeth Russell. The writing alone has me crushing on the author HARD. I'm mezmerized by her creativity. The main character, Vanessa, is dark, clearly. How did she get that way though? That's what the book is about. It's a page turner! I'm reading it two-fold, for the story and for the writing, it takes you right in and turns the words on the pages into a movie in the mind. I could see everything happening as though it was clear as day on my T.V. I can't wait to pick up more work from this author. Vanessa is so young and dark at such an early age and the story goes deep. I highly recommend this book. You can pick this up anywhere, I even saw it at the supermarket in the book section. I got it on Amazon. 


The Hearing Trumpet, by Leonora Carrington. It started out good and had my attention for a while. It's a tale of an older woman who is all but being discarded by her family. She meets a group of very eccentric women of her age and from there it gets wild. It's a little over the top and takes you into la la land, but I had already invested in the book, so I was damned if I wasn't going to finish it. It's not horrible, it does dive deep into witchy things and that part was fun, but it goes way deeper than that and you have to have your mind wide open to read this one.


Florida, by Lauren Groff. I never thought I would be into short stories the way I was with this book. Each mini is so good you can't help but want to just finish it on the spot. So many tales, one I enjoyed was a woman who was a professor and ended up homeless. As they say, when you jump you fly, but some don't always fly and this is one of those tales. Trust me, you'll love these short stories, I highly recommend this book. It's won all kind of awards because it's that good. For an added bonus, for any of my Florida peoples, all the tales take place in our homeland.


Timekeeper, by Mitch Albom. This is such a lovely little read. I definitely recommend this one, it'll remind you to love real life and get offline as much as possible. The passage of time can be depressing for some people, but if you learn to be present in each moment, you'll learn to love it. This book takes you way in back in time, into the present and the future, as the protagonist is "Father Time" after all. So yeah, quick, lovely, fun little read that will take you away from screens and give you all the feel good vibes.


Counting by 7s, by Holly Goldberg Sloan. This book I loved. Such a quick, fun read. If you're a reader you'll devour this so fast. It's about an Asian family's culture blending with an odd, weird but possible genius American kid. The story unfolds with intense heartbreak, followed by more tragedy and resilience of the mind. It's so hard not to tell you the story, but I don't want to ruin it for you. If you're not looking for a gigantic novel to sink your teeth into, but more of a great read that you can whip through, pick this guy up.  

In queue:

I can't wait to read all of these. Of all the ones above staring at me everyday and waiting for me to start reading them, I think I'm most interested in Debbie Harry's new book FACE IT. I can't wait to read all about her band life, she's such a bad ass. I'll report back on these guys too. I'm hoping my boy will pick up on my reading habits, so far he has not, has zero interest. Right on par with his "love" of school :<

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all the Amercians! 

Lots of peace, love, hugs, incense, candles, sage, palo santo wood, weed and anything else you burn that makes you happy. 

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