Grateful To The Gods

Hello on this cold, grey November afternoon. The forecast called for rain all day today, yet it never happened, they really do get it wrong a lot. Even if it did rain and the dreary sky, my spirits are high. We're thankfully on the eve of a nice, long Thanksgiving weekend and I'm grateful to the gods for many things.

Weather is always top of mind when you live in the North. Our first really cold day of the season was last week and I had a meeting in Boston (read: even colder). It was 23 degrees and so of course that meant pulling out the winter coat - I thought I still had time before that started. My boss on the other hand showed up with just his suit jacket. Men like to be tough guys in the cold I've noticed and pretend they're not cold and wear things like shorts or a t-shirt with a hoodie, what are they thinking?! Needless to say, he was frozen solid. We walked to a bagel shop and I think he got frost bite on his finger tips, they were all blue. All I could really do was laugh, he should know better, he's from PA since birth.

So it starts, the cold. It does bring good tidings with it, telling us the Holidays are just around the corner. I remember clear as day to the holidays last year. I remember thinking, "I wonder what I'll be doing around this time next year." I also remember thinking what a silly thought it was since it was still a clear year away. I would like to be more focused on the present, in the right now and for some reason it does take a bit of effort to do that. This is probably because we lead busy lives. I know in my day in / day out I don't have time to reflect on life, as it speeds past me into a new decade. A NEW DECADE. I do like to meditate to slow things down and writing on this blog and in my journal are my little quiet corners to think of these nice things. Generally reflection happens around the holidays or special celebrations, naturally of course, as it usually means we're with family and friends.

If you don't get to see your family much now is the time! Of course some people may like it that way, not having to see their family much. Family relationships can be complex I get it. Whatever the case is, the holidays are a good time to clear the air, if that's the route you want to take. Sharing a meal when everyone's in a celebratory mood can wipe out the cobwebs. Being with family and friends is also good for your health. Even if you don't feel like it, it's a good time to push yourself to go that extra mile for a laugh, hug and connecting with your roots. A great way to release endorphins (a little vino also helps). There are tougher cases, such as when family hasn't spoken in years and years. Each situation is unique and time heals all wounds, that's all I know. Food is the star of this party though, not the drama, leave that at the door.

Something else to leave at the door, cell phones. Is there anything ruder than when you're in the middle of dinner with someone and they check their phone? I guess I'm Ms. Manners for this because it drives me nuts. When someone does that, they're saying: "you're not interesting to me right now, so I need to obsessively scroll through my phone." I put my phone away for you and I expect the same in return. Of course answer the phone for family or if you're waiting for someone etc. If you're just sitting there obviously looking it at and doing nothing, that's ridiculous. There's a real live human being giving you their precious time and attention, if that's not good enough, good luck seeing that person again. It's Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful for your health, happiness, the food and people who are right in front of you, in the NOW.


How are you spending the holiday? Family, friends? Long lost friends / family? I love those kinds of stories.


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