Straight Up Fall

Everyone has just let summer go, like it meant nothing to them. Dang, so cold-hearted. Can't we just sit in the loss for a little, take time to mourn its passing? We were together for three months straight after all. It may not seem like a lot of time when written that way and with the way time flies, but three months day in and day out is enough time to get used to something. One day it was 85 degrees and the next, gone. Lucky for us we'll see it again, we just have to wait a year for it...which is a really long time in retrospect. Patience my friend, it's all about patience. In the meantime, there's something new to occupy our thoughts and with the plan being to eventually take over... Fall.

When I first moved up north (or back I should say, I was born up here after all), Fall was my favorite season for many years. Mainly because there's a lot going on during this time. This is the time New York unleashes info we've been curious about all year, not that I keep up anymore, I'm way too busy. I did see New York's 2020 Michelin star winners were released last week, which got me a little excited. I'm not a very good cook so I won't call myself a "foodie," but I absolutely love eating (as if anyone doesn't). On this year's Michelin list, there are so many verified, great restaurants to check out. There's a lot of ridiculous-expensive ones on that list heads up. On the link I provided, the restaurants are linked to their websites, so it's easy to check out the menu. I can't wait to go to one.

The main event of course being Halloween. I've gone a little cookoo with the decorations. I have two hanging ghosts on the front tree, four or five rising from the dead in the grass, a shimmery skeleton on the front door, a fall wreath, a dancing witch hanging out on the lamp post, another cute witch stuck into the ground, cob webs on all the bushes and big spiders to go with them. Some more hallowy things here and there and I recently purchased glow in the dark spider web that I can't wait to put up. On the inside there's more, but not as much as outside, I got tired. I do like the sign I have inside "warning" others when I'm in and out.

Are there any other moms or dads out there who are with me when I say I do it all for my son? (Who are we kidding though?) When I first put everything up and my boy came home from school, his reaction was, let's call it, less than the enthusiasm I was expecting:

me: Do you like the decorations cutie?
10yo: Yeah
me: Oh good yay, aren't they fun?
me: Um, so which one do you like the best?
10yo: I don't know, I gotta go.

I was a little surprised, then again not really, as that's how he is with everything AMAZING ;>. Of course I'll be a witch for the 31st, it's really the only day of the year wearing my witch hat is perfectly normal :() The weather has also changed and dramatically to boot. One day hot, the other cold and another pouring rain? Rain in October?? I don't ever recall it raining in October before, it's always been a super dry, cool, crisp month and it's currently calling for a wash out on the 31st, ugh... [I'm not even going say "it" because that is depressing and I want to stay in good spirits] So yes, it's Fall again and while I do love it and everything that comes with it, it's also a little sad to just let summer it never existed. But we must, there's no going back now and that's how we roll~~~

{insert witch laugh here}

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