Hell Yeah, I Was At the New York March

Yesterday there were #MarchForOurLives all over the world adding up to millions of people taking to the streets in protest of guns. In New York, I would estimate it was about 50,000 of us who marched down 6th Avenue. In protest we chanted, "Hey hey, ho ho the NRA has got to go!" A lot of the shouts were spearheaded by young people - as in really young - 11 to 14 year old ranges and of course marketer's favorite - Generation Z - out in full force. Hearing their little voices scream out, "Tell me what Democracy looks like!" and the massive New York City crowd yelling back, "This is what Democracy looks like!" I couldn't help and tear up a bit. Walking with those crowds and finally seeing a movement for real change was nothing more than inspiring.

The Sandy Hook murders hit me hard, as it's but an hour North of my home and my son was in kindergarten at the time - the same grade as the children who were slaughtered - so of course I couldn't help and imagine it could have been my boy. I cried for the children, for the parent's broken hearts, for the image in my mind of the extra large bullets as they ripped through their tiny bodies, for the country, for not being able to imagine what it would be like for the parents and for the outrage of the situation. The children were so little and the parents, the poor parents, who were so distraught after. Yes there was action taken, just not enough or maybe not loud enough?

That all changed when a mass shooting happened in the state of Florida, at Parkland High School. (So proud of my Florida people). The students had enough and they're bold, fearless and taking serious action, instead of just sending their empty "thoughts and prayers."

So far the following changes on gun control have been made since the Florida shooting:  

Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods have changed their policy on age requirement and you now have to be 21 years of age to purchase a gun from either. Dick's will also stop its sale of machine guns and Walmart will stop selling guns that look like assault rifles. 

Major companies have cut their ties with the NRA. 

Donald Trump seems to be in favor of gun control. Although you know with him, he's always flip flopping with the wind and whoever has his ear. It looks like as of today, he's back to supporting the NRA. 

Rhode Island, Vermont and Florida have proposed bills to tighten the gun laws in their state.

The revolution is only getting bigger and it's not going away. The groups at the head of the fight are getting more and more donations and people joining their cause as each day passes.

Once one change is made, more is inevitably coming. Enough death by gun violence! Enough being scared to send our children to school parents. Enough bloody carnage of innocent children. Enough violence in this country, it's incredibly unsafe and dangerous for children, for all of us! Enough to have to start the day with the horrible thought that it could really be the last I see my child.

Yesterday was our chance to speak out, protest and send a collective voice from the people that we will vote you out if change is not made. Going to the protest was the least I could do personally. I'm in complete awe of the organizers and leaders who made it all happen. True leaders in all of their 17 years on this earth. Stand with them and help to make change, our lives and our children's lives depend on it. Go to the marches, if that's all you think you can do, open your mouth and protest, your voice will make a difference...it will make us LOUDER.

The people, the SIGNS, the voices, the energy; it's a movement that's happening now and I'm proud to have been a part of yesterday's march...

New York Senator Chuck Schumer marching with us.


To find out when the next march is, click here: March For Our Lives

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