Welcome Wednesday

Good morning. It's bright and early here in New York, 6:02 a.m. The moon and stars are still shining bright out there. Weather Underground is telling me our sun won't have a full rise until 7:13. I'll start to see first light soon though however. There is nothing cooler in my opinion that the rising of the sun. Knowing that the earth's rotation is causing the sun to seemingly come up, makes you stop for a second and wonder (I do anyway). I wonder, if I sit still long enough would I be able to feel the rotation of the earth? That is one of my goals in life by the way.

The light of day will get shorter leading up to the winter solstice, December 21st at precisely 11:28 a.m. On this day, it will be the longest night of the year as well, in the Northern Hemisphere. The earth's axis will tilt us to the farthest point away from the sun. Of course it won't be a drastic move - although it would be pretty cool if it was - it happens gradually and is amazing.  Expect to have early sunsets, which if you're a sunset chaser could be a good thing.

Looking outside now, I'm seeing the first light. The contrast of the dark sky pushing down against the rise through the trees is quite a beautiful thing to witness. A new day is here, welcome and a really cold one apparently, as it won't reach beyond 31 degrees here today.
One hour later: I know these aren't the greatest pictures, but it's a little too cold to go out for a picture. These were taken from the upstairs window. I will have to go out soon to walk my boy to school however, with my phone reading 22 degrees, I'm having mixed feelings about that. It's the coldest day yet.

Have a wonderful, fabulous, successful day ahead. 
peace,love,candles,incense,positivityfocus&love to you.

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