Weekday Worker Warriors

Great morning! We made it, the most glorious day of the week is upon us. Over here on my side, it's been a super active week, the last two months really, as it's our busy season at work. Instead of my travel slowing down, it has actually increased, which I didn't think could be possible. When I'm not on a plane, I'm in a car, driving for hours on end. I prefer the open road, I like the feeling of going fast for a long period of time and leaving everything behind. In today's tech world however, our vehicles become mobile offices with Bluetooth, waze, Sirius, chargers - always connected. I'm a little sick of it frankly, but I admit they all come in handy. When I hit a "dead zone," it's so odd for there to be nothing but just me, the car and the journey ahead, such a novelty.

This happened recently, I was driving back to NY from Sturbridge, Massachusetts; as New England as you can get: quaint, historic and everything was tiny, I was taller than most of the door ways. I guess people were smaller in the 1700's? Turns out, it's peak Fall, right now. (I thought that would be in November) All of the sudden I lose connection and at just the perfect time, I look around and find myself surrounded by miles of turning leaves. The colors were gorgeous: golds, reds, yellows. You know how everything looks better with tinted sunglasses? That's how it looked, although I wasn't wearing any glasses. I couldn't believe the beauty, it made me slow right down. I think only the raw eye lens is capable of capturing it. I don't think a camera lens can do it, I don't even know if I can do it with words. It just took my breath away.

Fall, you sneaky season, I fell in your web.

In Love. Official.


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