Rosé Wine Spritzer

So it happened, my kid said to me for the first time ever, "I think you've had too much wine mama." I didn't even know he knew what wine was. Granted I do take him to the wine shop(s) with me, but that's mainly because we ride our bikes there and it's fun for him. When at said shops, I do tend to get into lengthy, nerdy conversations with the manager or owner, I was in the biz, so we tend to have a lot to talk about. Now that I think about it, it's no wonder my eight year old knows what wine is. That's fine. Telling me I've had too much is another story. Where the heck did that come from? I'm like an angel, I don't even drink that much [anymore].

On the day in the question, it was dusk, the sun was not far from setting. It hadn't been a hot, hot day of course -- because our earth's climate is changing and New York has turned into Seattle -- however, when running around there's a chance one could sweat a little. I had just finished up with my everyday home activities such as exercising and gardening. My son was in the front riding bikes with the neighbor's kids. Not my neighbors to the left, they're totally weird and never let their kids out, but my lovely neighbors to the right, whom I adore. For those who garden, you all know that while it's fun, it's work and therefore, we must reward ourselves when it's done well.

While reading through New York magazine earlier in the week, I had spotted a lovely recipe for a rosé cocktail: ruby red grapefruit seltzer, rosé wine, sugar cube soaked in grenadine and garnish with blueberries, 50/50 mix on the liquid. Basically a spritzer. I've been enjoying rosé in the summer long before it came into fashion. Just plain rosé gets old after a while, not that I don't like it, I do, just seeing this spin on rosé was a new and unique way to indulge, I decided I had to try it. I've been on a health kick lately and have been keeping drinking to a minimum, so this light and refreshing cocktail was perfect for me. (Not to mention I'm a ridiculous light-weight.) Okay, the story is almost done, hang in there if you're still with me. 

After a busy work week and to wind down and forget about it, I took a long walk, afterwards I hit the yard to dead-head flowers, pull weeds, etc. Once that was all done and with my boy playing, I decided to try my new drink - it was fabulous by the way. I noticed a new Psychology Today magazine had come in the mail, so I took a seat at the kitchen table to read it and enjoy my new concoction (angel right?). As I was doing so my sister calls. We start talking and eventually I'm laughing out loud, this is right about the time my son came in. All he sees is me pacing, waving a wine glass around and laughing loudly and then he says to me, "Mama, I think you've had too much wine." There it was. It was one un-finished spritzer for fucks sake, I couldn't have had too much if I tried!

And that's how it all went down. Kids say the darnedest things and this one has taken the cake so far. I guess I now have an alcohol watcher on my hands, just my luck. I could understand if there was a problem of some sort, but I like to pride myself on drinking responsibly, so in this case I'll just have to step in and say sorry kid, this one's for grown-ups and it's gonna happen.

Happy Friday y'all. 
Cheers :o

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