Please Come Back

Good morning. Day four here in New York of grey and damp, my poor flowers. Yesterday was quite a day, the rain started in the morning and kept on all day. Not just sprinkles, heavy rain. Before yesterday, I can't recall the last time it rained heavily the entire day straight. I was surprised when I woke that it had stopped. It must have just ended, as the air is still moist. Today's WeatherBug forecast calls for drizzle. Looking at the radar, a big system slowly made its way out to the Atlantic. It says full sun is coming back tomorrow, although it won't reach eighty. In fact, for the next ten days we won't get to eighty-five and for that matter, we haven't reached that temp in the past ten days. It's been a cooler summer, just like last year. (You all know where I'm headed with this.) We did get a heat wave recently, only one so far. We had warm days the past two winters too, which is highly unusual for NY. Climate Change. If there are any naysayers who don't believe, please, educate yourself, don't just believe an orange internet troll.

I'm not going to start the day on a grim note. He is uninspiring though, I will say that. I like to keep this as a safe space, one where I can think positive thoughts. Moving on... We did it guys, we got through Monday, wooo. Tuesday is a much better place to be. I feel like today I can now be really productive. Monday's are all about getting psyched up to get something done. The whole day is usually phone calls for me, so I try to soak up the energy from the people on the other end of the line to put me into action. The rain was saying, "go back to bed, look how comfy it looks, don't you just wanna be there?" - making Monday feel extra miserable and forcing everything. I hope the sun does comes back tomorrow, I miss it. Normally I try and refrain from too much caffeine, but yesterday it was on. The eye twitch was happening, hands were shaking, anxiety in full effect, the whole nine yards, and I fucking loved it, it certainly got the day going.

Have the most wonderful day and week ahead if I don't end up posting again. I'm going to try as I'm not traveling so should be able. peace&lots of love - fabiola

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