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P L A Y . . .
some things in life can get old, but not these views! i've seen them a hundred times and they're always a treat, made me feel like a tourist. this is looking straight at the southern tip of manhattan.
sullivan room may be closed on land but it lives on water, cruising around manhattan ever so often...

coming up on the financial district heading south straight to the tip (pic #1)
brooklyn bridge

and the other side
serge, the creator of this overall vibe

billyburgh bridge
and going back south on the east river passing the brooklyn bridge again

as dusk settled in so did the tunes, beers and smokes
but i was still taking pictures, as the skyline was irresistible
going under again
more sergey

dj change as the sun set kicking up the energy level

oh hello i had forgot about you
the ride ended with this duo, renegade masters (2nd half in the cap back there), taking us home...

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