Toronto #Streetlife

downtown reminds me of manhattan
funky cool shops everywhere

embracing diversity
so you just walk up and buy and walk out with a cute little gift bag #legal
i love watching people cook, just waiting for my stir fry, yuuum
was unusual to see a hibiscus so far up north

feelin' the day

in every nook and cranny

scarborough bluffs

Great city. I could easily live there. There's plenty to do with its various cultures, diverse neighborhoods, cannabis clinics, beaches, public transportation, shops upon shops of everything, parks, cafes, a huge underground mall that comes in handy in the winter and a lively restaurant and bar scene to name a few. It has its own unique vibe and energy that I would describe as a cross between the California green mentality and New York grit. If you've never been, it's a great place to add to your list of places to visit. Thanks for checking out my pics, hope you have the most wonderful, fabulous Thursday, peace,lotsoflove&positive energy. xoxooo f.

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