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I don't really want to go there and say the summer is going by fast, but... it does seem like I blinked and June disappeared. Only two months of heat left, time to get a move on all of those plans. Summer is more of an event versus a season up here. Everyday feels special. Sometimes I'm not sure what I'm more of, a homebody or city girl. Probably homebody, as it takes a lot to get me to go anywhere. What can I say, I have an eight year old that keeps me busy, because I like to keep him busy and I get tired and his energy multiplies. On that note, something funny happened recently (funny to me at least), my cutie played hard for five hours this past Sunday - straight running - chasing his friends with water guns, five hours! The next day he was back at camp and asked to stay for the extended time until six. Who was I to argue? The day after he barely moved from the couch. I had to laugh, finally the alien being slowed down, I never thought it was possible. I could go on and on about my boy, but I'll spare you.
Onto another topic I can go on about, the weather. It's been an interesting four weeks. One week humid, the next dry and cool, the next rainy, it's a roller coaster, always different. Today we're getting a cloudy, cool day with a high of 82, which is a perfect temp. We don't use air conditioning in the summer, because we want to feel the heat and enjoy it, as it's so short. On the hot, humid days I question myself on that decision and then remember I can go outside in the shade and chill in the hammock. On the way out, I also remember laying in a hammock is much better with a piña colada in one hand and some tunes, always tunes. Then it's off to dreamland. Falling asleep in a hammock after a piña colada is heavenly; that is until a mischievous boy sneaks up and proceeds to swing heavenly hammock back and forth, as wildly as possible, to wake you up. favorite time of the year.
lots of peace, love, flowers, incense, good vibes and positive energy to you on this fabulous thursday xxxoooxxxo -f

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