Hit Harder

Great morning. It's a great one because we went from fifty-two degrees to summer in one day. While the earth doesn't complete its full tilt towards our nearest star until June 21st, at precisely 12:24 a.m., it sure as hell is starting to feel like it. Let's face it, it was a cold spring for some of us. In year's past, we've seen days where the sun greeted us with lovely warm hugs. Not this year, it was a bit frosty, like a jilted lover. We lived through too many grey days, misty fog and cold snippets it felt as though we would never feel the heat from the universe again. But alas, she finally let go, it took her a while but here we are.

The air has cleared, the heat is blazing and all of the sudden we'll be living an entirely new lifestyle (in the Northern Hemisphere that is). Spring Fever Hit Hard. I don't know about you but I've been having all of these wild will-never-happen-in-real-life type of dreams the last two days and have been walking around with the most fascinating feeling of excitement. The kind that if I could sing, I would find the nearest tall mountain, stand on the edge and belt out my favorite tune, that kind. The real life scenario there would still involve a tall mountain, but I would be sitting down most likely and just looking, watching and trying to understand how we're so small in this gigantic world.
t h e   s e a s o n s   a r e   c h a n g i n g   a g a i n . . .

* * *

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