Fab Spring 2017 | Photo Diary

We're in deep spring and s l o w l y morphing into another journey. The new road is gonna be a smooth ride into the sunset. The anticipation of summer feels like we're about to take a trip somewhere we've never been before. Those two days of celestial heat blast that hit us last week came with mixed feedback. One woman sitting next to me at the park this past Sunday said she didn't like it, it was too hot for her and she said she turned off her heat and turned on her air conditioning on the same day. I didn't relate to that at all because I loved it, I told her so and she looked at me kind of funny. A guy at the gym said he didn't not like it, but would prefer temps in the mid-70's, like it is now. He said when he retires, he wants to move to a place where he can find that all year, I suggested the Carolinas or Atlanta even, he agreed. I'm thinking somewhere hot myself. While spring is a fabulous season, I'm ready to move on. Sometimes you've just made up your mind and have no ifs, ands or buts about it...that's where I'm at.
Here are more of my favorite moments from spring...
i was shocked to find this
ridiculous good
angels and snails
the culprit
paintings of manhattan, cafe noir there on the left for the soho lovers
they look like pictures to me
all these scenes so familiar
cloud watching
about to get to work
not as easy as it looks
was weird to randomly find these
and even more blossoms
center of it all
only in spring
tiki boy
grey, cold, fog, damp...same old
:o thanks for checking out my pics. have the most wonderful, successful, amazing, positive thursday and happy upcoming memorial Long weekend to all the americans. peace&lotsoflove, f. xxxx

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