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Move over cupcakes, the latest dessert obsession in New York is DŌ, pronounced dough, as in raw cookie dough. It's located in the heart of NYU on LaGuardia between W3rd and Bleeker. If you've been eating cookie dough before it goes into the oven your whole life or if this just sounds tasty to you, walk, drive, fly whatever you have to do, get some, it's like a gift from the Gods. In this case it's a Goddess named Kristen, who's story you can read about on the website, she loved baking, making cookies and the thrill of eating the raw dough straight from the mixing bowl in her childhood. It turns out it's perfectly safe to do so and she decided to turn it into a business. (smart cookie)

Today, the lines at are long, no matter what time of the day you go. I hopped over there at 9:30 p.m on a Thursday after a work event and it was packed. The line started outside of the shop two doors down. It worked out as the friend I was meeting was late, as usual, so she had the pleasure of waiting only about ten minutes, while I had patiently waited thirty minutes already, it's all good, I love her to death so I didn't mind. Everything was worth it. I definitely felt like a 9 year old girl as I couldn't wait to eat the red velvet waffle cone stuffed with the custom  flavor SALTY & SWEET, made up of sugar cookie dough + salted caramel + dark chocolate chips & sea salt pictured above. 

Craving cured.

DŌ's instagram posts out tease pictures all week to get your taste buds flowing...

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