Great morning. Even though it's not a Friday and it's grey, cold and about to rain outside, I woke up in the best mood. This is probably because there's some stimulating happenings in my near future. For starters, today is 4/20, so happy 4/20 to all the stoners out there. It's also my birthday this weekend & Earth Day, they fall on the same day, Saturday. Earth Day, created in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, a Senator from Wisconsin at the time, gets stronger every year. There's a big rally and teach-in on my birthday at the National Mall in D.C. The focus for this year will be on the fight against efforts to silence science and creating / supporting knowledge sharing, among other important topics. If you're interested in learning more about Earth Day, how it was started, getting involved and / or things you can do in your home and daily life to protect the environment we all live and breathe in, go to earthday.org.

I'm kicking off my birthday weekend (month?) with dinner tonight at Kola House in the Meatpacking District. It's a newer place, so I'm looking forward to seeing if it'll live up to all the hype. MePa is a cheesy area in general, but I'm all about checking out new restaurants, so I'll make the sacrifice and stifle through to get to Kola. I'll report back on that later. It's going to rain all day today and tomorrow. It rains cats and dogs in the NE in April, so there's always a chance it'll rain on and near my birthday. Since I kind of figured it would, I don't care much that it is. It does put a damper on things, there's no denying that. It's no fun walking around in the rain when you're all dressed up, when you're dressed down it doesn't matter, it might even be a little fun. Dressed up though, the heels get all soaked, hair goes to hell, clothes are damp and then you're freezing in the restaurant. I'm not going to let it ruin the mood, I'll use an umbrella and just deal. It's all good. 
*Happy 4/20, Happy Birthday to me & Happy upcoming Earth Day, earthlings*
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