Don't Give A Fu*k Style

Dance like no one is watching. The Get Down NYC is an after-work party that thrives on that statement. For those who love to dance, listen to music that makes you move and not care about getting wasted, in fact, prefer not to, this party is for you. There are rules: "no phone or drinks are allowed on dance floor and dress to sweat, leave the heels at home." You'll find free haiku on demand, surprise performances and special guests, imagine lots of glitter, and fuchsia colored wigs here. The music drops at 7pm sharp and runs until 10:30, it does continue after Tasha and her crew leave of course, but it's a different vibe all together, it goes back to a druggy, dungeony, dark scene.

Before the music starts, the evening begins with either yoga or meditation. It's about positive energy, body movement and the union of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a great way to set the tone for the party, loosen up muscles and relax the brain, to focus on living in the moment. It's a place where you can aimlessly shake your head around, bust out a back flip (I actually saw one) or just bop your head to the high-energy, tribal house mix that creates a positive, warm, freeing experience. For those who can't get there without alcohol, it's there, in the other room. The party happens every other week and rotates between the House of YES in Brooklyn and Cielo in MePa.

My pictures aren't doing it any justice, check out their site: The Get Down NYC for info and a music link to soundcloud (which I'm listening to now in fact) and stalk them on social media for video and pics, they're all over it.


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