Rambling On

Spring 2017 officially begins this Monday at 6:29 a.m. With the blizzard we had on Tuesday, yesterday's flurries, this weekend's forecast calling for light snow and next week's temps in the 30's, I'm not feeling the fever. This Winter we actually had warm days, which is unheard of, so we can't complain. If this is your first time reading this blog, heads up I write quite a bit about the weather. Growing up in eternal Summer and now living through the changing seasons, I'm captivated by dramatic weather patterns. I was in Miami last week and it was hot and humid, I loved it. It can get that hot here in the Summer, just after seven months of cold, we tend to forget what it feels like. Next week I get another cold break as I head to Los Angeles. I hear it was 90 there this past week. I'm sure those going from hot to cold love it too. My sister is traveling to Boston next week from Florida. I bet she's looking forward to feeling some cold air. That sounds absolutely ridiculous to me after reading it back and knowing her, she probably isn't!
It's Friday ya'll!! I'm pretty excited, as you can see by the overuse of explanation points. I've had a busy last two weeks, so I'm looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend. When my mind is so focused on other things, laying around daydreaming and letting thoughts flow in and out just doesn't get to happen, it's all go, go, go, and then all I end up with throughout the week is rambling prose. This weekend it'll be all about the park, my boy, the fireplace, Miles Davis and finishing up the novel I've been reading forever, The Black Widowby Daniel Silva. It's taken me so long to read it, he writes so beautifully, I find myself re-reading each sentence. The grammar is amazing too, with so many interesting uses of punctuation. It's about an Israeli spy who infiltrates ISIS. If you read novels like a normal person, you'd probably fly through it, as it's a page turner. If you read novels like I do, get ready to have it laying around for quite some time, I just don't want it to end...
**The Weekend Has Arrived Ladies and Gentlemen**

What do you have planned? 
Lots of peace
and love

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