Actual Human Beings

Good morning. It's day two of grey and rain here in the Northeast. There's a huge system out there, spanning North of Montreal (such a cool, funky place by the way) all the way down to North Carolina (not so funky, but still cool in its own right). It looks like a thick string of showers will be hitting Northern Florida today or tomorrow. Whew...I'm heading to Miami tomorrow, so hopefully the gigantic bed of showers keeps moving Northeast. (I'm sure it will.) I'm heading down for work, any trip to Miami during Winter feels like a vacation though. It'll be nice to get away from stormy skies, grey clouds and unbreakable fog. Plus, my best friend lives down there. I haven't seen her in person in forever, three years, maybe more, I can't recall right now. We stay in touch on the phone, talking and texting, they're not the same as spending time with a person.

Am I the only one who gets bored of social media? I prefer being with actual human beings, versus their profiles. My friends and I make a point to see each other in person, when we're able. Everyone is leading busy lives, so texting does come in handy to stay in touch; I crave more though, not like stalker more, just maybe a phone conversation once in a blue moon or god forbid, an in-person meet-up for coffee, lunch, happy hour or dinner even? Live action, with people, it can get lost in this techno world. My trip is mainly work, but I'll try and sneak in some personal activity. I'm thinking dinner at a beach front restaurant or beach bar, add in some stone crab legs and I'm the happiest person ever. Hot sun, palm trees, the ocean, meeting new people and hanging out with my girly, all good things coming my way - hopefully - you never know in life, one day you're here, and the next you could be gone. I typically don't look at life that way, I try and keep an optimistic view (for the most part).
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p.s. Happy International Women's Day all you femme fatale's out there :o 
(If there are any men out there wondering why there's a women's day - I hope there's not but I'm sure there is - it's to remember the women who fought and even lost their lives for the rights we have to be equal to a man, we're still fighting for it and one day we will see a female President in the U.S....we're getting close.)

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