You've Been Warned

This week is basically a wrap for work. I'm giving it a good shot, but everyone I encounter is in d r e a m l a n d - partyville. All anyone (those lucky enough I should say) can think about is the upcoming Holidays, how they'll be spending them, what food they'll be eating, what they'll be drinking, who they'll be seeing and where they'll be going. As it's a celebratory time of the year, I do like to partake in libations. On my mind in regards to spirits, for the looming festivities are: egg nog snaked with Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey, hot chocolate spiked with Fratello Hazelnut Liqueur, Freixenet Cava (sparkling wine from Spain), Stella Artois and bloody mary's with BLAT Advanced Vodka (zero impurities=zero hangover), another one from Spain - well, they do know their food and drink. The names of the brands are very important, I used to work in the industry and so I've done a lot of "research" and these are simply the best, in my humble opinion of course.

So far everyday this week has felt like a Friday, so I'm gonna roll with that vibe and listen to some music this morning. Below is a tune from an artist out of Los Angeles (go figure). Originally, Bishop Briggs was born in London, to Scottish parents, hence her stage name, which is a town in the southern part of Scotland, near Glasgow. They moved to Asia when she was a child and stayed there until she was 18, when she then moved to the city of angels to pursue a music career. I guess she had to change her name, as she was born with Sarah McLaughlin. Imagine being born with the name of a famous artist? It must have been destiny calling, as she went on to create some good music. The track below, River, which was released the first of this year, displays her poetic and vocal talents. She's more on the underground, where you can always find the more interesting musicians. WARNING: this song could very well get stuck in your head all day, listen / watch at your own risk...

photo: new city music

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