Winter Chill

Good morning. It's a warm(er) day here in New York and we're about to dive into an "arctic blast" as CBSNews called it this morning, with weekend highs in the teens and 20's! The first super cold days of December. We haven't had our first snow yet, I'm guessing that will all change within the next week or so. Usually by now, we've had four or five days of snow. Global warming. Speaking of it, Al Gore is visiting with Donald Trump or the "first lady" Ivanka, to try and convince him that it's real. It blows my mind that someone in our day and age would not believe in global warming. I guess those who don't, really do believe the fake news on their Facebook feed. LOL. The Holidays are right around the corner. I'm currently staring at a barren Christmas tree that needs some lights and decor. This year, we decided to make an experience out of it and cut down our own. It was fun and felt authentic. Christmas is such a lovely time of year, the President elect is going to stink it all up however. I'm going to have to try and refrain from reading the news during those days. I just deleted about two paragraphs to this post with thoughts on Trump. I'm not interested in going down that rabbit hole right now, it's too early and I have a busy day ahead. I'm going to stay positive.

Have a beautiful, wonderful, amazing Tuesday ahead for whatever is in store for you in your world. XXX

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