The Sleigh Is Dusted Off

Good morning. It's wicked cold here in New York, the temperature gauge in my kitchen says 26. Now all we need is the first real snow and Christmas will be locked and loaded. Official winter is six days away, December 21st, yet outside is telling a different story. The leaves have all fallen, trees are stark and bare, winter coats, scarfs, gloves in full effect, skin completely covered, thoughts of ski trips on the mind, condensation in the breath, wood stocked and ready to go, outside lights making the early dark hours shine, mounds of hot chocolate in the cupboard and ringing bells everywhere you go...winter. Even though I've been living in the northern part of the country for a long time now, I'm still blown away at the beginning of each season. Each one is so different and brings something new to the table. I like change, change is good and living through the seasons you get change every three months like clockwork. So here's to cozy, early winter mornings, accompanied by hot cups of tea...
- Missus Claus :O

have the most amazing, successful, productive thursday. peace&love. 

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