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Great morning. Friday is here and it's cold, cold, cold. My phone tells me it's 16 degrees outside. This is the kind of cold that if you go out with a light jacket, you will instantly catch the flu or even pneumonia. I walked around the Bronx all day on Wednesday for work, four hours straight, sitting for about thirty seconds here and there. The guy I was with, Jaime (pronounced Hi-me), is a machine, he does it everyday and he loves it! It is great exercise and you get to interact and meet new people and run around. When I got home, my body was done, it shut down and said it was staying on the couch and shutting its eyes for the next three hours, because it's a wrap. Later that night, at 2am, it woke, with the sorest throat and runniest nose. It never did go back to sleep. I drank a bunch of neuro DAILY after that and it boosted my immunity system, so all is good again, back to "normal" and ready to start the weekend. I'm going to kick it off with a fabulous re-mix of Florence & The Machine's, Say My Name, by Maya Jane Coles, join me?...
Florence & the Machine

 Florence & the Machine, Say My Name (Maya Jane Coles re-mix)

Maya Jane Coles

*Welcome to the weekend*
xo, Fabiola

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