Festive Feelings

Good morning. I woke to these ice crystals all over my windows. Nice Christmas touch. It finally snowed this past Sunday, a big one too and right on time, as Winter official is tomorrow. If you live somewhere that allows you to experience the change of seasons and have nothing going on, nature puts plenty on your plate. I get hyped at this time of year. I finished up my Christmas shopping. I do like to shop, some hate it and some love it. I don't love it, but I enjoy it. I can go to a store and browse through the clothes forever with the best of em'. It can be therapeutic, as there's not much thinking involved, just turn off the mind and pick out something nice. I don't know about you, but I like buying gifts and wrapping them, it's all part of the Christmas fun. Christmas can easily turn into stressmas, depending on what your plans are. This year I'm going low key, as last year and the year before were huge, could explain why I'm really enjoying it. Low key anything is always better, in my opinion. What are your Holiday plans? 

Have a wonderful, pre-Christmas/Hanukkah Tuesday, lots of peace&love to you, XX

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