Full Fall Friday

Great morning, we're in it, deep Fall. It's marvelous how the seasons fully change. Growing up in the South - well, we, Floridians (although I can't say that I am anymore really), don't really call Florida "the South," it's its own entity now that I think about it - don't have seasons. The only time the seasons ever came into play was in college when I would sign up for "Fall" or "Spring" classes. Way down there, time is one dimensional, hot/warm/hotter. Fall is a lot of New Yorker's favorite season, it used to be mine too; after surviving about fifteen winters, Summer moved up in rank. I know, I talk a lot about the weather, the seasons, the rain, the sun, I'm definitely intrigued with what goes on in the atmosphere. Fall though, a nice mix of everything with changing tree colors to boot. Red, bright orange, yellow, I have a private Fall happening in my front yard. My tree is just starting to turn, the neighbors tree is bright orange however, with leaves all over the ground, fit for a magazine cover. There has to be something scientific about how we're affected positively by this time of year, I'm sure of it. In any case, finding a bird's eye view in the middle of nature, during Autumn, the brain automatically shifts into neutral...
Have a fabulous pre-election weekend. 
Don't forget to meditate.
peace and love.

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