Fired Up, Ready To Go

Voting day has finally arrived. As Americans, it's our duty to find out where we can vote and do so. The internet is also making it super easy, with the notifications coming in from google and instagram. Did you get them? I clicked on the one from google to my phone yesterday and it pulled up google maps, with a pin to my nearest voting station, very convenient.

Donald Trump saying the election is "rigged" is absolutely not true. For the Clintons to rig it, they would have to bribe (which I guess is what Donald Trump means by, "it's rigged") every person (millions) or the head of every polling location in the country (thousands upon thousands), it's impossible. The votes from the people today (with a robust monitoring system in place), will make up a majority vote in each state. The candidate with the most votes in each state, is the one who the electoral college, in each state, will vote for. If an electoral college member decides to vote against the people's majority vote (which he/she is legally allowed to do), it's a huge deal and rare. Such is the case with Robert Satiacum, the Democratic Electoral College Elector from Washington state (former Bernie Sanders supporter and native American), who says he will vote against the popular vote this election in his state, if it's for Hillary Clinton.

Further on the subject of the election being "rigged," I'm trying to understand this train of thought. According to Donald Trump, it's rigged if Hillary Clinton wins, but not if he wins? If it's rigged, why is the Trump camp urging Americans to vote? Why is Trump still in the race then? Why does his campaign manager say, "I predict we'll win?" Whoever wins, I hope the other accepts defeat and isn't a sore loser about it. A lot of Donald Trump supporters like his "real talk." For me, it was a turn off, I prefer professionalism in a public speaker. Also, I don't agree with him on most of his political points of view and his blatant sexism, racism and non-stop lying, are characteristics of a person I don't want my son looking up to. Therefore, I'm going to stop typing now and look up the nearest place I can go and cast my vote for Ms. Clinton. If you're voting for Mr. Trump, that's your right and it has to be respected, just get out there and vote...

Click here to find your closest voting station: VOTE TODAY

p.s. here's an election fact checking link from NBC News: Fact Check it all here

p.s.s. link to story of President Obama's famous slogan: Where Fired Up Ready To Go came from

Who will you vote for today? If you're not from this country, who would you vote for if you could?

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