Good morning on this cool, bright, crisp Fall Thursday. We had a big storm pass through earlier this week that cleaned everything up, leaving us with true Autumn. While the Fall Equinox is going to stay for quite some time, the Winter Solstice is not far off. It will start to feel like Winter before its official first day of course. I'm at the, "excited-for-the-pretty-snow" stage, which should carry on through the holidays.

So, is Trump still the President then? It's near impossible to think of much else, since it feels like we're in danger with our current President-elect. Michael Moore predicts he'll be impeached in a year because "he won't be able to stop himself from committing criminal acts while he's in office." Moore is the same man everyone laughed at, when he predicted Donald Trump would become the Republican party nominee and the President-elect. No one's laughing now.

One thing I will agree with Donald Trump on, SNL can be "boring and unfunny." When you get Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Busta Rhymes and A Tribe Called Quest on however, that all changes.

Dave Chapelle is back to get us laughing again, with his intro monologue. His stand-up routine did not only fair well with us "liberals," but with the "conservatives" as well. Dave's message at the end, is something I'm going to try to embrace, because it's important for us all. If you didn't see it, you missed out. I know you're probably thinking you can just look it up, well, I'm going to make that even easier for you and give you the link to it right here: Dave Chapelle Stand-Up SNL.

Tribe hasn't released a new album in eighteen years and maybe they timed it, but I'm sure they didn't know how powerful a message it would turn out to be. It's a political album and it turns everything ugly from the election, into art. Check out this track, We The People, which they performed live on SNL this past Saturday night, as their outing performance: We The People, LIVE, by A Tribe Called Quest on SNL.


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