Rain & Candles

Great morning on this grey, warm, foggy, rainy Fall Friday. You can't really tell from the picture I posted, but it's pouring out there. On days like these, I just want to get back into bed and go to sleep. There's a huge system West of us here in the Northeast, so it may rain all weekend. I hope it keeps moving North, as I had some things on my mind that I wanted to do outside. Friday came around quick this week and I like that. I'm not freaking out in utter joy that it's Friday anymore, as I used to do about this time last year. I was working for a man with a personality type eerily similar to Donald Trump. He would never see himself this way (of course), but for example, if he would get mad, he would slam his fists on the desk multiple times. I found it all quite amusing at first. When he yelled my name from the inside of his office, "Fabiola, get in here!" It wasn't so funny anymore. (He always did same my name very well though, which I appreciated.) Overall he treated me with respect, because thank goodness he liked me. The people he didn't like though, ugh, it was hard to watch. I love my job now, so it's all good. So while it's Friday, I don't feel that euphoric, relieved state of escape as before. These Fridays, it's just nice to think of nothing other than what can please the senses. I'm going to start the weekend off with this song I remember from my childhood...

Have a fabulous, Fall weekend. Lots of love to you, xoxooooxoo

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