Today, 1 p.m. EST.

What a beautiful Fall Friday in New York. We'll reach the high of 59, with clear skies and sunshine. It's gorgeous out there today. Boots, hats, scarfs and jackets are all fair game now. The coat can wait. I drove further North yesterday and the leaves are just about to turn. I'm thinking next week around this time will be peak season. It's a special feeling seeing the leaves turn, it's something that leaves you feeling, lucky.

As we near election day, November 8th, which by the way Donald Trump thinks it's November 28th. This past Tuesday in Panama City, Florida, he told his supporters election day was November 28, I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, I had to keep rewinding the T.V. He never corrected himself. Better yet, I hope he doesn't figure it out anytime soon. I feel pretty confident Hillary Clinton will win, so my worry that Donald Trump may win has subsided and now he's back to being just, entertainment, not anything serious.

It's Friday! Time to relax, unwind and start thinking about weekend plans. It's going to be sunny all weekend in the Northeast, so the region is our playground. Have the most wonderful Friday ahead Hillary supporters, Trump supporters or whoever you plan to vote for (which by the way I would be most curious as to know who, if you would be so kind).

Lots of peace and love, XOXOXO

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