Female Paradox

Election day, November 8, is finally not too far off. This has been a long election year and I'm tired of politics. Usually, the elections are between two uber professional, intellectual, educated, sophisticated individuals...not this time around. This time, we have a proven sexual predator, racist, against what we are accustomed to. I disagree with anyone who says this country isn't great. I think this is the best one in the world. We do have problems however. For one, random gun violence and killing is something we don't see in any other developed nation, just ours. The Donald's solution to it, is to add more guns. The one phenomenon I'm completely baffled by though, are women Trump supporters. How on earth is this possible? If there are any reading this, I ask you: if Donald Trump went ahead and did to you, what he believes he can do to you - grab you by the p**sy - would you skim over that and still vote for him?

Please let me know your thoughts, females for Trump. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and of course yours will be respected. Election day is November 8th, you have to register first to vote, in some states, the deadline to register is today. To check if you missed your state's deadline and to register if you haven't, go to the link below, it's easy, you can do it all online: 

Click here to register yourself to vote


pic: gettyimages

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