Everyday Is Halloween

Kids wake up on this fun day,
Excited, eager and ready to play.
Costumes thought out months in advance,
To journey outside and make them dance.

Pumpkins line the streets with glowing light,
While vampires roam in hopes to fright.
Houses are haunted in search of fear,
As victims enter with dwindling cheer.

Bags are filled with mounds of candy,
To be devoured making bellies achy.
New houses open their doors,
To children who are looking for more.
Grown ups watch in pure delight,
As kids push on with all their might.
Trick or treat echos through the streets,
As ghosts and goblins search for more treats.

Bags are full it's time to stop,
Kids head home to check their lot.
The last doorbell rings as the candy goes down,
A princess who is in a gown.

The candy is laid out all over the floor,
To count and review and savor some more.
It's bedtime now and time for sleep,
The sugar kicks in...just one more treat?
(My little knight wouldn't let me take his picture this morning, so I recycled this one from last year. Yes, he was a knight last year too, this year, he's a black knight though, vs. a silver one. We talked about different options, but he insisted on being a knight again. Looking back I don't know why I tried to change his mind, because I too am the same thing every year (or rather everyday)...

..."why are you dressed like it's Halloween? you look so absurd, you look so obscene..."

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