September Summer

A new school year snuck up on us. The kid's faces as they waited in line to walk to their classrooms was absolutely priceless. The slow realization that break is over and that they're about to do it all over again was just too cute. The majority of summer is pretty much over. With those 100 degree, humid days, sans wind, I'm ready for the cool air, not excited for it or anything like that, but I'll take it. When those heat waves hit, the picture above was where you could find me and what I was doing. Everyone's all, "summer's over after Labor Day." Actually we have almost a full month left of Summer in September, what's the rush? I'm going to stretch it out as much as possible until the 22nd, the first official day of Fall. I'll ignore any chilly winds that creep through my bones between now and then. Hurricane Hermine flew by yesterday making my curtains billow in and out, as I had envisioned when I first hung them up, so that was nice. The, will-today-be-the-last-warm-day game begins now. Come November, it'll be a wrap and we'll flat line into coooooold. I'm still trying to figure out my next #HuffPost piece, I'm hoping it comes to me from out of the sky, because that's usually how it works. Some angst could help, everything is just so hunky dory right now.

Have the most wonderful Tuesday, XoXoXoXXXXX

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