#NYFW Spring 2017

New York Fashion Week wraps up in the next couple of days. Those who have been attending and watching online, know that this evening, Marc Jacobs will unveil what everyone will want to be wearing come March. All of the top designers show their new collections at #NYFW, the most celebrated one. Most of the shows are "industry only," if you get lucky enough to score some tickets, you'll be consumed with a lot of air kissing, duck faces, hair gel, tall as hell models and lots of fabulous clothes and styles. You'll also get a lot of free things: food, drinks, wine, t-shirts, lipstick, hand lotion and a bunch of other stuff you already have that are branded with #NYFW so you scoop it up. I'm not in the industry, but I do represent a brand that likes to target these trend setting celebrities, influencers and fashionistas, so that's how I got lucky. I checked out the ftl moda shows and had a blast, I can be very girly girl sometimes and get sucked into the world of fashion, just like everyone else...

all pics by me, have the most fabulous thursday ahead xxxoooooooo

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