And We're Off

This year, the 9/11 anniversary was on a Sunday, it's the first time I can remember it falling on a weekend. I'm not sure which one I'm more freaked out about, that it was fifteen years ago that 9/11 happened or that it ever happened at all. This past Saturday night I joined my friend Serge, from NYC's infamous Sullivan Room, on a cruise around Manhattan. It turned out to be a pretty spectacular night, that I'm still buzzing from, especially with the addition of the memorial lights and the surprise... fireworks. It was a little strange to have fireworks for 9/11, as if it's a celebration?! They were definitely put on by the city. I took them to mean a symbol of strength, as New York is still standing stronger than ever. Seeing the gorgeous lights made me a little emotional, as I had watched the towers burn and fall in front of my eyes, all of those years ago (see below for a link to an essay I wrote a few years back about it). We ended up turning the anniversary of 9/11 and Sullivan Room's first entry into the underground, into a magical, feel good night of good music, dancing, beers, smokes and some pretty wicked views...

 serge keeping us happy all night

Here's a link to a short essay about my 9/11: tellitsister 9/11 essay

Here's another link to some video I put up on my twitter: boat lights firework music...action

all pics by me, xo

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