Good morning. It's really early and still dark outside as I write this on this late summer Tuesday, I can still see a few stars shining. August is coming to an end and soon we'll be into a new month. The seasons are just about to change again. All the leaves will soon start to fall and nature will go to sleep. While nature sleeps, the city comes to life. The Fall is a fun time to be in New York. Everything and anything new, likes to wait until the Fall to unveil itself. New restaurants, bars, art shows, fashion week, clubs, exhibits, school year, this, that, the other. You can never be bored in the Fall, unless you like being bored, I do. Bored to me means nap time, eyes closed, dreamland, try to figure out what my next piece for the #HuffPost can be (suggestions most welcomed). The hustle and bustle continues on my end as I'm heading to the city of angels tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing how much it's changed since my last visit, too many years ago. Hopefully I'll get to squeeze in some play time, as it's mainly a trip for work. I'm off now to do some yoga moves. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday for whatever's in store for you in your world. Lots of peace&love to you. XX

photo: airpano.com

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