Week's End ~ New Month

Great morning to you on this beautiful Friday* A new month is upon us, making June a part of history. (Mortgages are due, rents are due, get those guys paid.) Sometimes it feels like we live life by the months. A day could be a blink of an eye, a week, a turn of the head and a month, a day. The old fable, "time flies when you're having fun," is also true when you're just busy. We can be on one non-stop train into the future, with almost every minute accounted for. Personally, I like being busy, as I'm a worker bee by nature. When I do want to slow things down, I've been turning off my phone lately. It's very relaxing, you ought to try it sometime, or maybe you already do? The weather has been caliente and it will continue like that through July and August, soo nice. Today, some big storms are about to pass through and cool things off. It can rain all it wants, as long as it stops for an upcoming camping trip on my calendar, we're good.

It's Friday, 4th of July weekend! Time to unwind and get the party started :o
JULY 2016

m o o o d : Summertime DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince : t u r n i t u p
pic: newyorksightseeingtours

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