Welcome Summer Solstice

Great morning. Now that the little storm has passed here in the Northeast, we have clear skies today and this weekend looks to be perfection: 85 and sunny. Monday at 6:34 pm, we officially welcome in the Summer Solstice. In other words, our whole earth has been in a gradual tilt towards the star we orbit. On Monday, we will make the complete shift in the northern hemisphere and we'll be the closest we've been all year to our life provider. The Summer Solstice is also known as the birthday of the sun, as it will sit high in the sky for the next three months for us to worship, if we like. I know I'll be doing so. Anywhere outside I can soak up it's energy, is where I plan to plant myself and revel in its glory. Not only are we on a continuous journey in our own lives, our earth is as well; as it travels around the sun and further into space and time. It's just amazing how the universe works.
pic: wiki
far left: northern hemisphere summer solstice

It's Friday, party, time for some tunes... I'm gonna kick-off the weekend with a song below from Joywave, representing Rochester, New York. I've already hit play a few times (it's a short one), I'll probably hit it a few more before the morning ends here in about an hour. Join me?

pic: Rolling Stone magazine

 *** Welcome to the weekend ***

 xxx sending you lots of peace and love xxx

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